Smart Contracts: essential tools for doing business in Landian

smart contracts Landian

Contracts are indispensable for any business, and it is a requirement that establishes rules to be followed by everyone involved. Usually, lawyers create a warranty that covers everything their client wants to achieve in a business, and the regulations established in that warranty should not be altered. Any breach of the contract can cause lawsuits […]

Differences between AR and VR, fundamental technologies for Landian

Virtual reality Landian

Technology has been part of our lives for a long time. Some people think technology means computers, cell phones, or digital cameras, but technology is a way to solve everyday problems, and it’s always present in our evolution as human beings.  Until a few years ago, we thought that a spaceship flying through the roof […]

Landian’s governance, by and for the community


Projects involving blockchain implementation need thousands of people working all over the world. The work these people provide is essential and is guided by basic rules known as governance. Governance aims to keep the power on the side of the people to ensure that all users participate and create a community. These rules are formed […]

Landian’s decentralization and its opportunities for the community

decentralization Landian

Metaverses are still under construction, new projects appear as the months go by, and they all have two ways to develop: centralization and decentralization. Some people have doubts about which one is better and they look at the benefits and opportunities each project offers; people will choose the one that gives them more freedom.  Landian […]