Why ‘Metaverse’ is the New Buzzword and What Awaits Us in Virtual Worlds?

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Blockchain technology has gone from concept to buzzword in just a decade, with Bitcoin inspiring the development of thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Still, when we hear the word “metaverse,” it conjures up mental images of pixeled art and VR gameplay.  Did you know that a metaverse is also where you can learn, study, and brainstorm […]

Landian Tokenomic: all things about our token LNDA


Landian has a utility token called LNDA. With this token, we can buy land within the metaverse, pay for goods and services, and live in the same ecosystem that builds the community. From September 1, you can buy the token and then select your lands.  Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain for the token, and […]