What does the community do in a decentralized project like Landian and the metaverse?

Landian has grown in a short time; not only are there more staff in all departments, but more people have also come to build community in the metaverse. Blockchain technology is one of the most promising technologies today, with great potential to transform how transactions are conducted and how information is stored. However, a strong […]

How the metaverse and artificial intelligence work together to consolidate Web3

How the metaverse and artificial intelligence work together to consolidate Web3 - Landian

To develop the metaverse, we need many tools that are fundamental and useful. Artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent technologies of this century, and we will tell you how it works with the metaverse. The role of artificial intelligence in the metaverse has many points and different possibilities; in designing and constructing environments, […]

Visit Your Land: arrive at your land in Landian to explore your property

your land in Landian

Getting to your land in Landian and knowing about its features is quick and easy; our metaverse goes further and creates an easy-to-use land location experience.  Visit your land is Landian’s most recent product for its community. With this experience, users can locate their land and know its basic characteristics such as square meters, the […]

The fitness world in the metaverse: immersive workout in virtual reality

the metaverse Landian

The metaverse is everywhere; it even helps us have a healthier life, be less sedentary, and do more physical activity than we can in a gym; Web3 also allows us to practice sports wherever we are. We need an immersive metaverse and a lot of desire to move.  Different smart devices help measure our exercise […]

How blockchain shapes the world and what Landian will do to make it happen

uses of blockchain. Landian

We always write about blockchain because it is a fundamental topic for Landian. We have told you how this technology integrates into the metaverse and the functionalities it offers to the decentralized community. On our Youtube channel an interview with Alirio Angel, one of our blockchain programmers, will be available, where he tells us how […]

You can now mint your NFT and become an alpha tester for Landian and its biomes

landian biomes test

The Landian community is eager to learn more about the products of the metaverse, and the Development and Art Team created a biomes test that can be explored as a first glimpse of Landian.  This experience, called Landian Biomes Test 1, will allow you to tour the entire Landian ecosystem and see the natural landscapes […]