Get to know the graphic engines that will help you create your project in Landian

Landian uses Unreal Engine

The immersive experiences we have today demand a good internet connection and state-of-the-art equipment; this may be expensive for many people, but these experiences will lead us to explore new ways of connecting. As our experiences become more immersive, we will need tools to develop them.  Graphics engines are a way to accelerate the adoption […]

How does Landian’s marketplace work and what can we find there?

marketplace landian

September has arrived, and Landian kicks off the month with the public sale of plots in the metaverse. A lot has happened since we first announced this date, and now it is a reality for Landian and its community. Landian developers created the ideal marketplace for these purchases; it is an interface designed to join […]

Three projects you can build on your land in Landian

build landian

The Landian metaverse has six districts with different themes available for construction on its various terrains. You are not limited to building in any specific district because you can do so wherever you like; the districts and their themes offer you more variety for your ideas. In this post, we’ll be suggesting three project ideas […]

Why ‘Metaverse’ is the New Buzzword and What Awaits Us in Virtual Worlds?

virtual worlds Landian

Blockchain technology has gone from concept to buzzword in just a decade, with Bitcoin inspiring the development of thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Still, when we hear the word “metaverse,” it conjures up mental images of pixeled art and VR gameplay.  Did you know that a metaverse is also where you can learn, study, and brainstorm […]

Landian Tokenomic: all things about our token LNDA


Landian has a utility token called LNDA. With this token, we can buy land within the metaverse, pay for goods and services, and live in the same ecosystem that builds the community. From September 1, you can buy the token and then select your lands.  Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain for the token, and […]

Smart Contracts: essential tools for doing business in Landian

smart contracts Landian

Contracts are indispensable for any business, and it is a requirement that establishes rules to be followed by everyone involved. Usually, lawyers create a warranty that covers everything their client wants to achieve in a business, and the regulations established in that warranty should not be altered. Any breach of the contract can cause lawsuits […]

Differences between AR and VR, fundamental technologies for Landian

Virtual reality Landian

Technology has been part of our lives for a long time. Some people think technology means computers, cell phones, or digital cameras, but technology is a way to solve everyday problems, and it’s always present in our evolution as human beings.  Until a few years ago, we thought that a spaceship flying through the roof […]