Adidas, Coca-Cola, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Nike are some of the big names in the metaverse, with significant sales worldwide. Drinks, shoes, clothes, cars, and even bags and wallets are available in the metaverse for users to purchase and display in their avatars.

The arrival of all these big brands is a milestone in the evolution of business and the buying and selling of goods and services; until several years ago, it was hard to think that metahumans would exist in a virtual world wearing clothes and shoes like us in the real world. 

Video games already offered this experience, but now the metaverse has improved these services making them more personalized. 

It is estimated that the metaverse will be an $800 billion market in two years thanks to the success of NFTs and cryptocurrencies; entertainment, video games, and fashion are projected to be the niche markets with the most opportunities to break sales records, fashion firms are betting on presenting their new collections in the metaverse.

H&M, which held an event developed by Wildbytes a few weeks ago to unveil its new H&M Innovation Circular Design Story collection, is one of the global retail companies in the metaverse. During the launch of its collection, attendees were able to create their digital identities and enjoy an amazing virtual fashion show with their avatars as the main characters. 

The offer these big companies have made on the metaverse will not be just for the short term; they are growing and will soon surprise us with more offers for customers worldwide. Landian, in turn, will also receive important projects at the height of the great global brands; in addition, our team of developers is working on the Landian microverse, where users can explore the territories and biomes of Landian in an immersive way.

What would you like to buy at Landian? Have you thought about how to dress your metahuman?

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