Cómo blockchain moldea al mundo y el trabajo que hará Landian para conseguirlo

uses of blockchain. Landian

We always write about blockchain because it is a fundamental topic for Landian. We have told you how this technology integrates into the metaverse and the functionalities it offers to the decentralized community. On our Youtube channel an interview with Alirio Angel, one of our blockchain programmers, will be available, where he tells us how […]

Ya puedes mintear tu NFT y convertirte en alpha tester de Landian y sus biomas

landian biomes test

The Landian community is eager to learn more about the products of the metaverse, and the Development and Art Team created a biomes test that can be explored as a first glimpse of Landian.  This experience, called Landian Biomes Test 1, will allow you to tour the entire Landian ecosystem and see the natural landscapes […]

Tres software de arquitectura que ayudan a construir el metaverso de Landian

software for modeling used at landian

There is a wide variety of architectural software used on different projects and for other purposes, so it’s not surprising that various software options exist for the different stages of architectural development and the different levels of work associated with architecture. Here are three that Landian architects use. Rhinoceros 3D  It is a software tool […]

El microverso: un vistazo a Landian en 25 minutos

the microverse

Before phase 1 of Landian is completed, the community will get a small glimpse of what this project is all about. Thanks to the deep work of the Art and Development team, Landian is the first metaverse to offer a complete experience of its ecosystem in a short 25-minute tour through its microverse. In the […]

El futuro de la educación está en el metaverso y las experiencias inmersivas

education in the Landian's metaverse

We have read many times that the metaverse will be worth millions of dollars in a few years; we also know that several companies are developing metaverses and immersive experiences, we even know that artists and celebrities perform concerts in the metaverse; what we do not know very well are its advantages and benefits for […]