We always write about blockchain because it is a fundamental topic for Landian. We have told you how this technology integrates into the metaverse and the functionalities it offers to the decentralized community. On our Youtube channel an interview with Alirio Angel, one of our blockchain programmers, will be available, where he tells us how blockchain came into his life, about his work in Landian, and his thoughts on the future of decentralized technology in the metaverse. We’ll also tell you more details here. 

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain has the potential to become a widely adopted technology. At first, it may seem challenging to understand, but its uses are so broad that we can implement it in almost every business area. 

We know that it helps us secure our money through cryptocurrencies, provides us with traceability for food cargo, and can even save our lives in a war. And so does Hala Systems, a solution based on the Consensys blockchain that pinpoints the location of impending airstrikes in Syria, alerts citizens to evacuate and records immutable evidence that identifies the perpetrators of the attacks; once again technology comes to the service of people. 

As we can see, blockchain is not limited to the financial sector. It is a tool that shapes the world and can help us solve serious, everyday problems.

Landian’s work for the metaverse

Binance Smart Chain is Landian’s blockchain for smart contracts and NFTs. In decentralized metaverses like Landian, blockchain ensures the security of transactions, allows users to locate NFTs, and maintains a community interested in creating great things together. 

In building new experiences for people, Landian remains the best-decentralized option; we are the most cutting-edge metaverse with entertainment, business, and education options that, together with blockchain, creates the real Web3. 

Tell us what you think about blockchain. Do you also believe that blockchain will change the world?

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