Facebook’s rebranding to Meta at the end of 2021 put the metaverse in a prime spot for businesses and companies. Landian is a growing metaverse, and its community is the evidence of its rise.

An immersive universe with four dimensions sounds intriguing to consumers and companies. Although brands sell a product or service, they can do it differently with a virtual and immersive experience in the metaverse. And all of this is offered by Landian with an added value: decentralization.

As a pillar of Web3, the metaverse comes with technological advances that will transcend the physical and digital realm and transform society by means of the communication of data and information. As enigmatic as it may sound, businesses and consumers will occupy the metaverse for many everyday things. 

The decentralization of Landian and other metaverses in the market needs a fundamental element to grow and function: a community that helps consolidate the initiative to reach a larger audience in different places and share a preference for new technologies. At Landian, we have other ways to join the community through digital channels. 

Through Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest of our channels, the community shares their experiences at Landian, discusses the values of the token, and looks for new members who want to be part of this community. 

We invite you to visit our social networks and see what we share and comment on; you will find valuable information and several utilities for developing ideas in Landian.


We publish interactive and current content about Landian, but also content about what’s going on in the world around the metaverse, blockchain, and Web3. We discuss new projects coming to market and what others are doing for metaverse adoption. 


We tell corporate information about Landian and our allies and share more extensive content about the metaverse, business news, business opportunities, and available job openings. 


It is where most of our community is in terms of quantity. There are members from different countries and nationalities that update accurate and fast information. 

In the rest of our social networks, you can find us as @landianmeta and like, follow, and tell us what you want from Landian and the metaverse. Tell us about your initiatives. Are you already part of a decentralized community?

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