Making the metaverse reach all aspects of our lives is an unfinished job. When the Internet arrived, we didn’t know it would take up many of our day-to-day functions. We didn’t think we would need it to study, exercise, treat illness, or even sleep.

As we know it today, the metaverse already exists in many projects and proposals. Still, the metaverse depicted in movies like Ready Player One and books like Snow Crash is on its way, just a few years away from being implemented worldwide.

Landian has created different ways to support the adoption of the metaverse: its six districts have considered the hobbies of all metaverse users; there is something for everyone and those who want to live all the experiences. In addition to the districts, users in Landian have four leading roles that help them develop their projects: Visionaries, Pioneers, Traders, and Settlers.

The metaverse can already be put to many uses that will increase its adoption and put it in a position of interest for all market niches. Education makes excellent contributions because more students will be able to get closer to immersive and interactive teaching; they will also share with students from all over the world without leaving their homes. It is an opportunity for everyone and should not be taken advantage of by a few.

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