September has arrived, and Landian kicks off the month with the public sale of plots in the metaverse. A lot has happened since we first announced this date, and now it is a reality for Landian and its community. Landian developers created the ideal marketplace for these purchases; it is an interface designed to join the principles of usability and navigability.

When the user starts the purchase flow, he/she will find the map of Landian and its six districts. When you select the district you want, you can see its name, total area, and the amount of plots. You will also be able to see the mega blocks, blocks, plots, the price per square meter, and the available LNDA.

All our users must remember that each plot has an irregular shape; they are not delimited by exact measures, which is why they vary in price and size. You should also remember that this first public sale of Landian corresponds to Tier 1; the quality and resolution of the images you will see in the marketplace depend on your internet connection speed. 

In the shopping cart, you will see your purchase in a list, and you will be able to remove something if you wish. Landian is built organically with streets and urban design so that all visitors can walk with their metahuman through the metaverse, see the biomes and socialize with other metahumans. 

Landian’s plots are built to scale 1:1, meaning they have a ratio equal to reality; if your plot is 109 square meters, those meters correspond to the actual size that would have a house or an apartment of 109 square meters. 

When the purchase link is generated, the plot is locked, and you will see a small orange box indicating the selection on that plot. From Landian, the core team thanks you for coming this far and beginning the new journey of the metaverse.

Austin, Elías and Karlos

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