The metaverse is no longer fiction but a reality; the market has led us to explore Web3 and turn it into a business, so this challenge also changes how we do marketing. We will tell you more in this blog.

McKinsey&Company believes that marketing in the metaverse is an opportunity for innovation and experimentation. In a 2022 article, the prestigious strategy consulting firm postulates that the metaverse will take time to be adopted worldwide. Still, the arrival on Web3 of big brands like Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple is rewriting marketing rules.

In 2021, internet searches for the term “metaverse” increased by 7200%, an astonishing figure because the metaverse interests many people worldwide.

This revolution in the market of business, games, social life, sports, entertainment, and other activities, makes the Landian team constantly update all of the features that the metaverse can offer, not only as a technological project but as an internet solution to make people’s lives easier through immersion and usability.

By 2023 metaverse initiatives will be working on marketing strategies with an emphasis on building decentralized communities on social networks such as Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Telegram, the most widely used platforms for Web3 and blockchain projects. The stage is yet to be explored, but new metaverse marketing is advancing daily.

From Landian, we share with you three essential keys that help to position the metaverse in the consumer’s mind and build the brand:

Understanding the audience

The metaverse comprises a diverse group of people, and each platform has its unique culture. Understanding the target audience and what motivates them to participate in virtual worlds is essential.

Immersive experiences

The metaverse is about immersion and interactivity. It is important to create an experience that is productive for people where they can strengthen their relationships with others. 

Influencer marketing 

As in the real world, influencers can be a powerful force in the metaverse. It is valuable to consider partnering with influencers to promote your brand in virtual worlds.

Some of the most implemented techniques are based on education, product placement, and organic growth. As the market grows, companies will reach out to the metaverse and explore its possibilities for customers and new users. In the meantime, the metaverse is iterated on and advancing to catch up to the new evolution of business and the future of social life. 

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