To develop the metaverse, we need many tools that are fundamental and useful. Artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent technologies of this century, and we will tell you how it works with the metaverse.

The role of artificial intelligence in the metaverse has many points and different possibilities; in designing and constructing environments, artificial intelligence is the key to showing immersive environments because everything that can be built with artificial intelligence will be made. 

Machine learning is also evolving and growing along with artificial intelligence, and growth is expected to increase by leaps and bounds. The fusion of the metaverse and artificial intelligence has all the possibilities of bringing science fiction to reality, so it’s possible that people will be able to do business and establish a parallel life between the two; in addition to socializing, they will be able to trade with NFTs and various cryptocurrencies. We will be able to integrate artificial intelligence as an everyday thing, and the more human it is, the more it resembles us and the better we will understand it.

Artificial intelligence and the metaverse will create platforms that allow the exchange of digital assets and property rights for users; with this, the protection of property and the non-interference of large technology companies will make the difference in decentralized projects such as Landian. We are still developing these parallels that will lead the metaverse to new socialization for people.

At Landian, the Art, Development, and Platform teams work daily on projects for the metaverse, such as Capital City, the Metahuman Creator, and The Landian Lobby. All these initiatives implement, to a large extent, artificial intelligence to improve the territories, the ambiance, and the architectural structures that will surprise our users.

The promise of highly immersive experiences is one of the aspects driving the success of the metaverse alongside artificial intelligence, with many enthusiasts already claiming that the metaverse is just around the corner.

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