In movies, series, and commercials, we can see simulated cities and worlds where people live and share experiences with their friends and family. Metaverses also have projected urban development and smart cities so that avatars can interact and establish relationships.

Landian is a metaland divided into six districts with different uses. The plots in this metaverse are 32.8×32.8 ft, with enough space to build service stores, tiny houses, hotels, offices, bars, cafes, bookstores, conference rooms, ATMs, and many more options. Landian offers different possibilities for the same purpose: to be and live in the metaverse.

When a Landian enters a district, they first see the Skyport Landing, two main areas that function as tour guides. The first is for cultural and sporting events, concerts, and education. The second is a command center for the market with several categories: land ownership, pre-development and active project applications within Landian.

You can use 70% of the volumetric space inside your plot and design any innovative project that can be useful for you and your avatar. We can use different software like Unreal Engine or Blender to build our projects inside the plots. With these tools, we build walls, floors, roofs, and more functionalities for constructing our buildings. 

Recently BrandEssence Market, a global market research firm, published a report on the real estate business in the metaverse. It will grow at an annual rate of 31% between 2022 and 2028. Landian is already part of this reality that offers millionaire opportunities. 

What would you like to build on your 32.8×32.8 ft plot? What are the most incredible projects you’ve imagined? Tell us in the comments.

The Landian Team

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