Beginning in September, everyone who wants to buy land in the Landian metaverse can do so from our community-wide marketplace. Landian is a decentralized metaverse with six districts offering different activities with infinite purposes. Tier 1 is available with approximately 720,000 plots of land to build and expand on, allowing you to bring various projects and ideas to life.

Landian’s metaverse is developed in Unreal Engine 5, one of the best graphics engines for lifelike experiences. Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain implemented by Landian for its token, $LNDA, and the entire metaverse ecosystem.  

The metaverse is not just a buzzword, but also the most profitable business opportunity for everyone. Landian is not just for gamers but also artists, musicians, composers, investors, athletes, business owners, and entrepreneurs in all business niches; the metaverse is not far from reality, it is our open window into the new way of exploring the web and using it to our advantage. 

From our website,, you can buy your tokens, and starting in September, you can purchase the land on which you will create the most impressive projects in the metaverse. 

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