The opportunity to create your metahuman with an easy-to-use interactive tool will be a reality in the metaverse. Landian is working to develop the Metahuman Creator, a component within the platform to view and create metahumans that look like just their users or entirely different. It all depends on your preferences. 

The Landian development team is creating this component, and every day they are working to improve the user experience and the compatibility of its functions for different browsers.

In addition to the Metahuman Creator, Landian is also working on another land visualization component; this is one of Landian’s products for the community that will increase satisfaction in the building experience within the metaverse. Users will be able to know where they are in the metaverse and will be able to see their plots from different perspectives. 

The purpose of these components is that Landian and its platform will be continually more accessible to the public without requiring significant investments in computer equipment to experience and learn about the metaverse and develop business models, companies, massive events, contests, concerts, gaming tournaments and many more options to monetize their plots. 

The implementation of these components will be announced soon, as well as their test runs to check the processes and execution on the platform. 

How do you want to create your metahuman? Do you want it to be exactly like you or different? 

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