A whitelist is an access list where all the users have been registered to receive communications, messages, and relevant content about the crypto projects that most interest them. 

Whitelists are handy tools to know which users want to be part of our community. They can buy assets and receive valuable content created for them. Being on a whitelist gives privileges to users because they can buy the token before expected with a preference. Users register information such as names, addresses, birth dates, and evidence proving their identity in these lists.

At Landian, we are developing a contest where all the winners will receive a code to join this list. Winners will be announced every Sunday for the month of the contest. To participate, you must complete some elementary tasks such as liking, following, and joining our social networks and groups; we recently created our channel on Twitch, and we invite you to follow us.

The winning Landian whitelist code must be entered to register at the link we will provide. Our whitelist registration page includes instructions for submitting your Binance Smart Chain and NEAR wallet information. NEAR wallets must have at least one token. 

Get ready to receive new updates about our projects. Tell us what kind of content you would like to see here. Are you interested in being on our whitelist?

The Landian Team

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