The LNDA token was built on the Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, its smart contract integration uses NEAR’s robust protocol. 

LNDA is used for purchasing land and digital assets. Soon, LNDA will be tradable on trusted exchanges and in the Landian virtual Metaverse.

LNDA Tokenomics

Built on the Binance Smart chain, LNDA undergoes multiple levels of verification.

LNDA functions in several ways. For example, parent holders can transfer LNDA with adjusted payouts or royalties. Furthermore, tokens change and stimulate the performance of a specific piece. 

In addition, LNDA can be used to purchase LAND. LAND is an NFT (non-fungible token) with a unique token ID and built-in contract components.

An 80% community coin allocation took place recently across regulated platforms. These allocations occurred at various marketing events, including the pre-initial investor’s phase, a public sale, and an initial exchange offering (IEO). Ultimately, less than one percent of tokens, with restrictions, were made available for private sale. Today, there are abundant reserves for the launch and development of virtual and physical Landian Cafés worldwide. Moreover, initial resources continue to fund the development of platforms and venues within Landian.

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LNDA Token Circulation

Landian’s token supply totals 10 billion LNDA. Currently, circulation is at less than one percent.

LNDA token allocation takes place across four tiers. That means, as one tier opens, a corresponding portion of LNDA tokens are released. The same occurs when another tier opens, and so on.  Most importantly, tokens are removed from circulation and returned to reserves as plots of land are sold.

New LNDA tokens only come online to unlock a new zone after previously zones in open districts are sold and developed.

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LNDA token and Landian in the Metaverse

LNDA Token Roadmap



  • Concept Dev and Testing



  • Formation of Core Team Alysis


  • Initial investors funding $7m. SECURED PRIVATE (Restricted)



  • Designation of Blockchain Technology
  • Development of Versión 1.0 of Whitepaper


  • Development of Whitepaper v2.0



  • Alpha Launch of The Landian Lobby
  • Launch of Section 1 of All 6 Districts
  • Metahuman Avatar Creator Module
  • Launch of First Landian Cafés In Medellín and Dubai
  • Influencers & Ambassador Designations
  • Zone 4 Presale to select governments and corporations
  • First Exchange Listing (Already Approved)
  • Venture Studio


  • Openning of Landian House Dubai and Medellin



  • Opening of Miami And London Cafes
  • Launch of the Landian Health Wallet
  • Launch of the Worldwide Colloseum
  • Miniverses Launch in Landian


  • Openning of The Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles Cafes.
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LNDA is the utility token of the Landian ecosystem focused on the purchasing of LAND as NFTs, digital goods, and payment of services and experiences within the metaverse. The purchase of LAND in Landian can only be executed with the LNDA token, whereas in the future, additional goods, services, and experiences will allow for the use of traditional payment processors.



The LNDA will be the only token to access the land, allowing anyone to acquire virtual land within the Landian metaverse.



With LNDA, it will be possible to purchase all assets within Landian, from land, to building services, to model homes, clothing, and shoes as NFTs. Additional payment service providers are being integrated that incorporate traditional credit card payments for experiences, services, and digital goods with the exception of land.

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Token distribution

With the exception of Tier 1, tokens are released into the Landian economy based on the requirements for land purchases, exchange liquidity, and inter-Landian transactions at a rate of 25% within each Tier and District as they are opened. As Tier 1 tokens are needed in circulation for the purchase of Tier 1 land, these tokens have been released into the market with an approximate excess of 25% over the required 132,000,000 (1:1 parity with the available square meters) for all land purchases of Tier 1. When additional Tiers open in each district, the subsequent required supply of tokens will be made available to facilitate the land purchases accordingly, with an additional 25% made available for inter-Landian transactions and exchange liquidity as required.

Tokens for land purchases made for the first time from Landian before any resale, will be stored in the Landian foundation wallet and will only be made available with the prior joint decisions and votes from the subsequent DAOs; this will be for each district and the Landian DAO. In the event that a particular district or Tier is determined unnecessary by popular vote, they will remain dormant and locked. As Tier 4 represents the largest allocation of tokens, this supply of roughly 70% of all Landian tokens are locked until such a time as deemed necessary.

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Token distribution

7,000,000,000 1,200,000,000 935,000,000 700,000,000 165,000,000
70,00% 12,00% 9,35% 7,00% 1,65%

*Team Vesting: Coin locking is done through smart contracts with specific time and achievement benchmarks.

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