The development team presents the Landian avatar tool for the community; in a short time, your character in the metaverse will be available and you will be able to adapt it to your needs.

In 1992, Neal Stephenson published the book Snow Crash, the science fiction novel in which the term metaverse is mentioned for the first time and which is an essential reference to the subject today. The word “avatar” is also mentioned in this novel to designate the character living in this virtual world. Thus, the avatar is customizable and personalized to the story’s protagonist within the metaverse.

In video games, there are avatars and characters, some customizable, and others that already have their narrative that goes along with their personality, their story, and specific skills. This is part of the mechanics and dynamics of video games. In Landian, we have considered users’ experience when entering the metaverse. To make that experience fun and dynamic, we developed MetamorphX Lab, the metahuman creator, to explore and navigate Landian and its biomes.

This tool for customizing your appearance within Landian was designed in Unreal Engine, the graphics engine implemented in the Landian metaverse, for hyper-realistic images and 3D graphics that elevate the metahuman creation experience. In addition, MetamorphX is integrated into Binance Smart Chain to link the wallet and mine your unique metahuman design unlike any other.

The interface design of the tool has the biological data, anatomy, and codes of the metahuman so that users can learn about the avatar they created and know its characteristics at all times. There is also an area with pieces of tissue, laboratory instruments related to biotechnology, holograms, and animations of the metahuman.

How would you like to design your metahuman in Landian? Through our digital channels and newsletter, we will inform you about the exact launch date for this functionality, tutorials, and expected experiences in the tool. Tell us in the comments.

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