The metaverse is everywhere; it even helps us have a healthier life, be less sedentary, and do more physical activity than we can in a gym; Web3 also allows us to practice sports wherever we are. We need an immersive metaverse and a lot of desire to move. 

Different smart devices help measure our exercise performance: they tell us the calories we burned and the kilometers we ran and measure our body mass index. Thanks to technology focused on the fitness world, all these functionalities have been achieved, but the metaverse has more options to entertain us while we exercise.

What will the fitness metaverse look like for the people?

The idea behind training in the metaverse is simple; users use the digital space to improve their fitness and health in the real world while playing games or interacting with others to gain experience. When training in the metaverse, you will have full 360-degree immersion with live audio and interactions with other avatars and your trainers. In the decentralized metaverse, workouts are gamified through cryptocurrencies to incentivize participants.

Landian has a district for gaming and sports and a whole territory for physical activity, sports, championships, competitions, and exercises. Can you imagine being able to watch the Olympics live through the metaverse and run in athletics alongside great competitors like Usain Bolt? Besides running fast, you need your virtual reality glasses, and you’re there.

The options are diverse, and Landian is preparing to offer you many activities in its six districts. Would you like to exercise in the metaverse? Let us know which sports you would like to practice.

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