The Landian metaverse has six districts with different themes available for construction on its various terrains. You are not limited to building in any specific district because you can do so wherever you like; the districts and their themes offer you more variety for your ideas. In this post, we’ll be suggesting three project ideas of things you can build on your land.

A stadium

The architect and designer of a stadium have the potential to generate residual income forever. The stadium can be a venue for concerts, massive events, sporting competitions, or a meeting place. With the earnings generated from ticket sales, you can continue to make a profit, all thanks to the smart contract on Binance Smart Chain. 

A talent agency

If you have a talent agency, you can build your offices in Landian and prepare to receive artists who will audition, present, and perform. With each show your talent agency presents, you can earn royalties in addition to networking with future musicians, entrepreneurs, and sponsors. If you are a talent agent, you can expand branches of your venture throughout the different districts.

A gallery of NFTs

A virtual art gallery to give emerging artists relevance is one of the most buzzed-about ideas in the metaverse. NFTs are the perfect opportunity for content creators to monetize their talent and embrace blockchain technology. 

What project do you want to build at Landian? Let us know three more ideas you would like to develop.

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