The metaverse is for doing business and exploring E-commerce. Companies that are already in the metaverse sell products and services to their users that are useful in real world. We’ll tell you more in this blog. 

One of the keys for selling in the metaverse are NFTs or non-fungible tokens. These digital assets are widely known in the Web3 and blockchain. NFTs are units of value that ensure the ownership of the assets when they are minted in the blockchain; each NFT that is held is an assurance of ownership of those assets. It can be a work of art, a shirt for the avatar, or even a video game component. They are also a fundamental part of trading within decentralized markets.

NFTs are also a vital component of any metaverse platform: they provide businesses a clear way of selling different products in a virtual environment. They are not only a means of trading, but also an important part of digital developments in blockchain. In the metaverse, purchases and sales are made via NFTs, but cryptocurrencies and even fiat money are also used.

Vendors that are in a metaverse platform can sell all kinds of items and decorations for their avatar: from jewelry, to clothing, and decoration items, they can also charge for access to restricted areas of their own land and rent spaces for events, concerts and different immersive encounters.

Trading in the metaverse not only involves buying and selling by way of NFTs; you can also explore virtual entertainment, digital advertising, virtual education and video games, and business opportunities that now exist in virtual worlds.

All the digital developments that are currently being explored by internet users (such as cryptocurrencies, 5G connectivity, virtual reality and artificial intelligence) are applicable to the metaverse and can become tools for improving users’ projects and for offering services that generate benefits in the real world. This is very important because business connects to real life and things can be bought in the metaverse that can reach a physical address, increasing the credibility of business and trade.  

There are a few suggestions from Landian that we can offer to the community that will show you how to train your collaborators for business success. Replicating the retail experience in a virtual way, integrating augmented reality and 3D visualizations for the sale of products, creating virtual items for avatars, organizing virtual events to connect with other people, and networking and organizing your business strategy for the metaverse are a few suggestions that can be applied to the comercial side of immersive spaces.

Additionally, to be successful in sales it’s necessary to be trained as a convincing speaker (of your ideas and proposales), have communications skills, understand the target audience and their needs and preferences, know how to solve problems, and to negotiate and be a good collaborator with both clients and the competition. Let’s recall that the metaverse is a collaborative space where business is done but also where friends and allies can empower and maximuz your ideas and turn them into companies of the decentralized future.

What would you like to offer and sell in Landian? Tell us in the comments. 

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